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About Us

Terrace Rewind in Terrace, BC has over 25 years of experience in providing dynamic computer balancing, motor rewind and testing services to Terrace and the surrounding areas. Coupled with our extensive experience, knowledge and skilled technicians, we’re also proud to have a new, state-of-the-art testing facility and full-service rewind shop for motor modifications.

Need a fast motor rewind or repair? Call Terrace Rewind at 250-635-6108 to schedule service. 24-hour emergency repair services are available. Pick-up and delivery services are also available to Terrace and the surrounding areas.


Locally-Owned & Operated

We are proud to be a locally-owned and operated company. Terrace Rewind works with the Terrace area’s many commercial, industrial, and home-based businesses, including local mines and sawmills.

Terrace Rewind machine shop

The Equipment Behind the Experience

At Terrace Rewind, we utilize the latest in motor testing and rewind equipment, all designed to enhance your service experience and increase your operational efficiency.

Within our Terrace rewind shop, you’ll find products and services from the top brands, including Leeson® Electric, Fasco®, GE, Century®, A.O. Smith, and Toshiba.

Repair or replacement?

Have your motor tested by Terrace Rewind

Motor testing

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Welder calibration by Terrace Rewind

Welder calibration

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Electric motor repair

Products & Services

Terrace’s Motor Rewind & Leeson® Product Shop

At Terrace Rewind, we understand that you depend on a dedicated service team to keep your operation productive and profitable. That’s why we utilize the latest state-of-the-art testing equipment and only use high-quality repair materials. So, no matter if you’re in a manufacturing, mining, or sawmill operation, you can count on economical service and timely turnarounds.

Pick-Ups, Deliveries & 24-Hour Service

Pick-up and delivery services are available to Terrace and the surrounding areas. 24-hour emergency repairs are also available. To schedule service, please call Terrace Rewind at 250-635-6108. You can also find directions to our rewind and repair shop on the Contact Us page.

Products for Sale

From a company that earned its name by delivering decades of quality service, Terrace Rewind sells a number of quality products, including electric motors, frequency drives, gear motors, and heating motors.

Heating Motors

Terrace Rewind services and sells heating motors from the brands of:

  • Fasco®
  • GE
  • Century®
  • A.O. Smith

Motor Accessories

Searching for a motor accessory? Terrace Rewind carries the top brands in slide bases, C-flange kits, capacitors, and brakes by Stearns®.

Repair or replacement?

Have your motor tested by Terrace Rewind

Motor Testing, Maintenance & Repair

Terrace Rewind specializes in electric motor testing, maintenance, and repair services, including:

  • Dynamic Computer Balancing
  • Field Testing
  • Motor Modifications
  • Electrical Apparatus Services
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Furnace Motor Repairs
  • Welder Load Banking
  • Welder Calibration Services
Terrace Rewind machine shop
Terrace Rewind Test Equipment

Terrace Rewind Test Equipment

At Terrace Rewind, all testing equipment is calibrated annually to ensure accurate results. Our equipment includes:

• Phenix Motor Tester
• Wheat Stone Bridge Resistance Testing
• 5,000-Volt Miller Megger
• Phenix 2,000-Amp Core Loss Tester
• Fluke Multimeter & Clamp-On Amp Meter
• CSI 1900 Handheld Vibration Analyzer

Welder Calibration


Terrace Rewind carries products from Leeson® Electric, as well as the quality brands of:

  • A.O. Smith
  • WEG
  • Century®
  • Fasco®
  • GE
  • Stearns®
  • Toshiba
  • Cantoni Motor®
  • Techtop
  • ABB/Baldor

Go Behind-the-Scenes with Terrace Rewind!

Shop & Equipment

At Terrace Rewind, our objectives are to lead industry standards in product quality through continuous development of technical knowledge, and to commit to the quality of our systems. We will also continue to take exceptional pride in the quality of our workmanship.

Load Bank Tester

Load bank tester is capable of single-phase and 3-phase testing up to 600 volts AC at 400 KW. For more information please consult the table or call us at the shop.

Please note that Terrace Rewind is now available to test your generator in house or on site at your location.

Load Bank Tester
Specifications of Load Bank Tester

Welder Load Banking

If you’re in need of Welder Load Banking plus Calibration on Welders, look no further than Terrace Rewind. 

We will ensure your machine is operating at the appropriate levels. Call today to have your welders calibrated!


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